Norton-March Alumni Association Membership Benefits

  • Assists us in accomplishing the goals of the Association including supporting the Organizations and Veterans stationed at March ARB, California.

  • Entitled to participate fully in the Affairs of the Association (Active & Associate).

  • Entitled to hold Office and have Voting Privileges (Active).

  • Allows attendance to NMAA Annual Board of Directors Meeting. (Active & Associate)

  • Considered a FOUNDING MEMBER if you have joined and paid dues during our Establishment year of 2015. Thank you for those initial 70 Members that got us off the ground.

  • Receive a 15% DISCOUNT on NMAA Store Items. (LIFE MEMBERS)

  • Receive a 10% DISCOUNT on NMAA Store Items. (ALL MEMBERS)

  • Receive a 10% DISCOUNT on all NMAA Bi-Annual Reunion Events. (ALL MEMBERS)

  • Receive FREE attendance to all BBQ-Cookout Events. (ALL MEMBERS)

  • Receive DISCOUNTS on any Offers from participating Corporate Sponsors or Partners. (ALL MEMBERS)
Hi Folks,
    For those of you that were able to attend our Reunions and get togethers since 2010, it is always great to see you. For those of you who made to the 2017 Reunion, thank you for your participation and for making it another great success, we had a lot of fun as usual. Over 120 Alumni attended. We hope you will join us for next Reunion at the Marriott Inn at the Convention Center in Riverside, CA to be held
April  16 - 18, 2020.
If you are a supporting member of NMAA, thank you for your support. If your are not yet an NMAA member, help us continue these memorable events,  as well as our base support activities and join the Norton-March Alumni Association. Your financial support as a member goes a long way toward making these events possible, as well as our Veterans Charitable Arm, such as our continued support of Operation Warm Heart at March ARB. This website makes it even easier to signup, should you want the option to join electronically. (Click on the 'How to Join' tab and follow instructions).
      Warm Regards,
       Robert Johnson
       Robert Johnson, Lt Col (ret) USAFR
       NMAA President/CEO

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